Why Logan is my favourite film so far of this year

It’s safe to say that as comic book fans we have been spoilt this year. The likes of Spider-Man: Homecoming and Wonder Woman were released to high praise from fans and critics worldwide. One film that I feel deserves a lot more credit and attention is Logan, which was released February earlier this year. Given its early release it’s easy to see why it may not be on everyone’s mind right now. But fear not as I am here to remind why Logan is not only the strongest comic book movie that was released this year. But one of the best films this year, overall.

What makes Logan such a great film is how its finally the Wolverine movie that us as fans have deserved after all these years. This film is a breath of fresh air on the character with the dark, gritty and emotional take which has been missing from the previous releases. Logan is a great example of not being your traditional superhero movie. It in-fact comes across more as a Western than a comic book movie. It’s no surprise that when Logan was finally released on Blu-Ray director James Mangold pushed for a black and white version of the film to be released simultaneously. Given the recent portrayals of Wolverine on the big screen this felt like the director, writers and actors came together to give the character the send-off it deserves.

I’ll be honest I’m a huge Wolverine fan but not from what I’ve seen on the big screen from past projects. My love for the Wolverine character goes back to the comics and the X-Men animated series that I watched as a kid. So I had been burned too many times with the Wolverine movies to the point where I wasn’t even excited about this film. That all changed when I saw the first trailer and from the trailer alone I felt that they had got everything right. This is by far one of my favourite comic book films ever! Let alone the best Wolverine movie to date.

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Logan and X-23’s relationship is a real highlight of the film from their progression of at first hating each other to caring for each other by the end.

Hugh Jackman and Sir Patrick Stewart came together one last time and arguably left their best work ever on the screen. Their chemistry came across stronger than in the original X-Men films. Even with the new addition of Laura (X-23) played by Dafne Keen who provides one of the best child performances I’ve seen in a while doesn’t seem out of place with her co-stars. The relationship between Laura and Logan is one to admire. Its the type of relationship we have seen a million times in films before but here the actors make it seem so real.

The main story of Logan is one that keeps you on the edge of your seat and takes you on an emotional rollercoaster at the same time. Elements of the film such as the mutant kids trying to reach the boarder relate to what is going on in today’s world with the issue of immigration. As for the ending of the movie although it was upsetting for Wolverine fans like myself it was still perfect and I wouldn’t want to change it. Given Logan’s death, this still does leave interest for other characters to have their own film such as X-23. The filmmakers were also keen to point out that the original X-men no longer exist because of Professor X’s actions which would make for an interesting movie in itself (of course to be played by a different actor). If I were to have one gripe about this film it’s how this was a perfect ending to a trilogy that we never got.

A heartfelt but perfect send off for the character of Logan


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7 thoughts on “Why Logan is my favourite film so far of this year”

  1. Yeah, its very good and would probably one of Marvel’s best films. As far as the black and white goes, do you think the movie should have just been released black and white off the get-go?

    1. Glad to see i’m not the only one. Actually I don’t think it should have although it would have been a bold move for them to do it. I feel like it was a great option to add it to the Blu-Ray

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