Rumour: Justice League set to feature two members of the Green Lantern Corps?

Now I remember not long after Batman v Superman was released there were stories circulating that at least one member from the Green Lantern Corps would feature in the upcoming Justice League film. Since then the trailer of Justice League has added fuel to the speculations as one of the main characters Steppenwolf specifically states ‘no Lanterns’. Granted we did not see any Lanterns in the trailer this line does at least acknowledge that Green Lanterns do exist in this cinematic universe. 

Now The Wrap’s Umberto Gonzalez claimed in a recent Periscope live stream that “there will be two Green Lanterns” that are set to feature in Justice League. Gonzalez then went on to say his source was someone who is close to Joss Whedon’s script and that the Green Lanterns could also easily be taken out of the script by November.

If it were up to me I’d love for Hal Jordan and Jon Stewart to be be the Green Lantern Corps members that show up in Justice League but that’s highly unlikely. I don’t think we will see them until the Green Lantern Corps movie which is set to be released in 2020. With that being said it really could be any Green Lantern member as there are thousands of them.

Let me know what you think of this story? and who do you hope will make a surprise appearance in Justice League?

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5 thoughts on “Rumour: Justice League set to feature two members of the Green Lantern Corps?”

    1. yeah I did a bit of research before hand and saw people questioning how reliable he is. I do remember they said a green lantern member would appear in Justice League before Umberto so you never know

  1. I’d love to see John Stewart as the Green Lantern in Justice League. Yes, I know, official promos aren’t including any GLs, but in the books, a Green Lantern has always been part of Justice League America. Even the JSA, had GL Alan Scott albeit with a completely different origin story and powers.

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