Should the X-Men and Fantastic Four go to Marvel?

It feels like every year the same question starts to crop up which is “How long until Marvel finally acquires the film licences for both the X-men and Fantastic Four?” The recent success of Spider-man Homecoming was bound to raise more of these type of questions that why don’t Fox make a deal with Marvel like Sony did with Spider-man? For fans it seems like a no brainer, they would love to see these two franchises to come to Marvel as it seems right now that they have a guaranteed formula for success. Both parties would benefit from the deal as we would get great movies and most importantly they will be part of the Marvel Cinematic universe. Imagine the likes of Magneto, Professor X, Beast and the Human Torch being involved in films like Captain America: Civil War and Infinity War. Well with that being said would I like to see these two franchises strike a deal with marvel? It’s not that simple for me to answer so I will give my take on both franchises current position and determine whether they would benefit from a partnership with Marvel.


The X-Men franchise in the past years has provided us with great films such as Days of Future Past and Fist Class that would rival any Marvel film

This may not be the most popular opinion but I wouldn’t like to see the X-men franchise go to Marvel. So far I think apart from X-Men Apocalypse Fox has done a great job with the franchise. Films such as Days of Future Past and X-Men First Class are some of the best comic book films to come out in years. Also lets not forget one of the most successful Rated R movies to ever come out which was Deadpool. This is what Fox has done so well I don’t think we would get these dark and gritty adult like story lines with Marvel as it wouldn’t fit in with their universe. Marvel films are more marketed towards families where you could take your kids to go see them. With Marvel’s deal with Disney this certainly is not going to change anytime soon. Most importantly I wouldn’t want it too I think the X-Men franchise is fine at home with Fox.

Fantastic Four

10 years later a new Fantastic Four (2015) movie and still the same issues remain, could a franchise with Marvel revive the franchise?

Now Fantastic Four is a totally different story they really need Marvel’s help to revive a dying franchise as it’s been a sinking ship for some time. Fantastic Four movies have really been more miss than hits especially the last one that came out in 2015. This hasn’t been helped by Marvel cancelling the Fantastic Four comics altogether which I would like think has impacted their relationship. This is really a case where I feel Fox needs the help of Marvel rather than the other way around. I think a reintroduction of the Fantastic Four under Marvel would do great for the franchise. Just look at how well the Guardians of Galaxy series has done, which would be the direction I would take the Fantastic Four in if I were in charge.

This franchise needs to be given a new lease of life, make it fun again more like the comic books. Plus there is a small part of me that wants to see the character of Dr. Doom done right because for such an iconic villain I feel he hasn’t been done justice yet. So as it stands right now Fox has seven years to make another Fantastic Four movie before they lose the rights to the franchise. You would hope that sooner rather than later they could come to terms with Marvel in some type of deal to save the franchise.


Should Fox let Marvel have the X-Men and Fantastic Four?

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      1. Like I really don’t need to see the MCU monopolized the comic book genre. I love the MCU but they are fine without the X-Men and vice versa. I really want the F4 to come back so the MCU can use Dr. Doom.

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