The Punisher Netflix Series: Trailer Review

It’s finally here! The full trailer to The Punisher’s Netflix series so let me give you a quick rundown of what it consists of and my thoughts on one of the most highly anticipated Marvel series in a while. 

Judging by the opening scenes of the trailer much of the series will be focused about Frank Castle getting revenge for the death of his family. We got a little taste of this from DareDevil season two and it looks like we may finally be getting some answers. The trailer starts off with an almost like dream sequence with Frank’s daughter innocently playing at the fair while his wife wakes him up saying “There’s plenty of time now that you’re home”. This quickly turns in to Frank’s nightmare as we are reminded of their gruesome deaths. From then on we see Frank as The Punisher spray painting on the famous logo doing whatever it takes to get some answers about who killed his family as he simply executes a thug after asking him “What do you know about my family?”. It may seem like The Punisher may have found an ally to work with possibly a figurehead from the CIA. But make no mistakes The Punisher still makes sure he’s not a good guy as he states his only condition while working with him is that “I’m going to kill them all”.

We also see the familiar face of Karen Page from the DareDevil Netflix series somewhat working with The Punisher. If you remember in DareDevil season two the couple struck a close relationship and who knows she could be a potential love interest. The series tag-line is “The truth must be taken” and that’s what we start to see in the penultimate shots of the trailer. Awesome action scenes combined with Metallica full of explosions, gun fights and lots of bloodshed it’s what we expect from The Punisher.

There is still no release date set but they did leave a clue as the end of the tailer that it could still come out by the end of this year! It could be released most likely on Veterans day which is the 11th November

Click below to watch the trailer and tell me your thoughts

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  1. It Looks so awesome! I’m guessing it will come out on Remembrance day as well. Originally when it was listed all those months ago on Netflix and you could add it to your list, the release date said November 2017. So the only logical date for the release would be the 11th.

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