The Joker film picks up pace as a script is set to be submitted next week

It was only last month that the internet was set into shock that there could potentially be a solo Joker origin movie. This now seems to be a reality as The Variety’s Justin Kroll confirms the script for the movie will be submitted next week. (Check out the tweet below)

With this new information The Joker film could actually come sooner than we think with Kroll speculating that shooting for the film could start next year. DC’s Aquaman is the only project of the DCEU set to release next year in December so it won’t come out around then. However this is great news for DC fans as it seems the DCEU is finally underway with Shazam, The Batman and of course this Joker film set to be released in the upcoming years.

There has been no development on the rumours that Leonardo DiCaprio was at the top of the shortlist to play the iconic Joker role. But with the script soon to be submitted we could expect some casting news early next year so stay tuned!

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