3 characters who could potentially be a great villain for the ‘The Batman’ film

The Batman movie is one easily of the most anticipated comic book films that is set to come out in the not too distant future. Now granted the film may not even have a script yet and there has been much drama surrounding the project such as the uncertainty of Ben Affleck’s future as the caped crusader. What we do know so far about the Batman film is that it will be directed by Matt Reeves and will star Ben Affleck who is set to return to the iconic role. One question that seems to be on the mind of comic book fans is “Who will be the main villain?”. Having a strong villain is crucial to any superhero movie and Batman is no exception. To some extent one of the main reasons why ‘The Dark Knight’ (2008) will go down as one of the best films ever is because of Heath Ledger’s portrayal as the Joker. What makes Batman so interesting is that there is plethora of great villains to pick from at any writer’s disposal. So here are three characters that I think would make a great main villain in the upcoming Batman Movie that haven’t featured in the DCEU yet. 

The Riddler


We haven’t seen the Riddler on the big screen since Jim Carrey’s performance in Joel Schumacher’s ‘Batman & Robin’ (1997). Now It’s safe to say that fans wouldn’t want to see that type of performance again as it still haunts some to this day. With that being said the Riddler would be a great choice as the main villain for the Batman film. He would bring out the more detective side of Batman which has been severely lacking in recent projects. What makes the him such a threat is that he won’t go fight Batman fist to fist, he’s more focused on taking people down mentally. With the Riddler as the main villain this could be a film full of many tests and obstacles for Batman to go through and showcase one of his best strengths which is his brain. If the Riddler doesn’t seem like a character that could be the main focal point of the film he could at least team up with someone else. It would be interesting to see who he would ally himself with to take down the Batman. 

The Red Hood


What could be more compelling than the story of fan favourite Jason Todd finally being portrayed in live action? Once the sidekick to Batman he would eventually become the Red Hood and a foe to his former teacher. The death of Jason Todd from the iconic graphic novel ‘Death of the Family’ is one that comic book fans around the world will never forget. The events from this graphic novel created a clear contrast between the Red Hood and Batman in their methods and ideologies in how they deal with criminals. While Batman prefers to bring criminals to justice the Red Hood opts for a more permanent solution. These contrasting principles are bound to clash at a certain point which would produce a great story and eventual fight between the two.

The framework for the possibility of the Red Hood being a potential villain to Batman has already been laid. The DCEU has made it clear to remind us that Jason Todd did exist in this cinematic universe through recent films. Whether it was in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ (2015) where the camera would linger on Robin’s unoccupied suit. Not to forget Harley Quinn’s introduction in ‘Suicide Squad’ clearly states that she takes full responsibility for Jason Todd’s death. Either way if we don’t see The Red Hood in The Batman film we could see him in his own solo film in the future. 



Given the countless number of potential villains that come to mind Deathstroke (also known as Slade Wilson) would definitely make for one the most exciting choices. Deathstroke is someone who is equally on the same level of Batman both skill set wise and tactically. Whether he is wielding his signature Katana or going fist to fist the assassin will definitely be a well worthy match for Batman. Fans of the Batman Arkham Asylum games already know what a great potential this match up could have. If you have any doubts all you have to do is go look up the Deathstroke and Batman fight scenes from the game on YouTube. It did look like Deathstroke was set to be part of The Batman film as Ben Affleck shared some test footage for what seemed to be for the project. Now that Ben Affleck is not only no longer directing the film his script has been scrapped too. One can only hope that in the future discussions of the Warner Bros. boardrooms Deathstroke is at least considered to be in the film. 

Tell me who you think would make for a great villain in the upcoming Batman movie below?


9 thoughts on “3 characters who could potentially be a great villain for the ‘The Batman’ film”

      1. Me too, I think they’ve done the Joker enough in the movies, and the comics as well tbh. Its time for some of the other members of Batman’s Rogues Gallery to get their time in the spotlight.

  1. Great article!

    Riddler would be a great choice but even having some of his B-list villains team up together like Firefly, Great White, Mad Hatter, etc would be awesome.

    All in all though ever since that test footage of Joe Manganiello surfaced as Deathstroke, I really hope Deathstroke makes it as the villain for at least one of the trilogy by Reeves.

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