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As expected the final Justice League just dropped at New York Comic Con today. Now usually when writing reviews I like to give these in-depth introductions but honestly I can’t wait any longer. This past week has felt like the lead up to Christmas day for me in a way. So with that being said lets get straight into the trailer and my thoughts as promised earlier this week.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 19.46.43.png
The first glimpse of Clark Kent since Batman v Superman. Given this is a dream sequence it’ll be interesting to see what the do with the character

Well we start off the trailer at the Kent family farm with what seems to be Lois Lane’s dream of seeing Clark Kent accompanied by Hans Zimmer’s famous Man of Steel score. In this dream Clark finds out that Lois would have accepted his marriage proposal if he had the chance to ask her. This fairytale dream is quickly turned into a nightmare as we are shocked back to into reality. A world without Superman, where society is plagued with crime and war since his death.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 17.47.41.png
An incoming invasion is set to plague the Earth, not only a threat to the Justice League but to humanity as a whole.

Bruce Wayne says “I had a dream, it was the end of the world” (could be referring to the Knightmare sequence in BvS) as we see images of a pending invasion on Earth from Steppenwolf and his army of parademons. It’s not clear where most of the war with Steppenwolf is taking place in this trailer because it looks to be set various locations such as on Earth and Themyscira. Keep in mind that Stephenwolf has come to collect three mother boxes and as we saw with the last trailer one is located on Wonder Woman’s homeland Themyscira.

The rest of this trailer builds on its previous formula of success with awesome action scenes and great dialogue between the main characters. Highlights from this new trailer include Cyborg catching Aquaman and launching him into oncoming parademons. My personal favourite moment from the trailer is Barry Allen geeking out after he sees the bat signal in the sky. (that is exactly how a lot of us would react too) The whole trailer is built around the threat of Steppenwolf and how much danger the League is in until what I hope is when Superman finally returns to help save the day. Lets not forget we didn’t get an idea of what the final score for the film will sound like as they’re keeping that under wraps for now.

Overall I thought this was a great trailer it didn’t show too much and it served its purpose in building hype for next months release. Warner Bros. should be applauded by the way they’ve handled the promotion as a whole for this film, it looks like they have learned from their previous mistakes.

Bring  on November 17th! 

(They didn’t reveal Superman which is a major plus too)

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