Review: Avengers Infinity War trailer

“Fun isn’t something one considers when balancing the universe but this… does put a smile on my face” – Thanos

Finally its here I’ve been waiting so long for this trailer ever since they initially showed that early footage at D23 all the way back in July. Who knew footage of a leaked trailer where you could barely hear anything and see half the screen could get someone like me so hyped up anticipating the trailer’s official release. Today we actually get to experience that trailer in whole. Given the short length of the trailer there is still so much to take in. So let me not waste anymore of your time and get straight into it.

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 19.49.41
Wong, Doctor Strange, Bruce Banner and Tony Stark look to be the first members who run into Thanos.

The Avengers left broken at the end of Civil War will be forced to put their differences aside to save the universe from their biggest threat yet. We start the trailer with characters that we haven’t seen interact before such as Doctor Strange, Wong, Bruce Banner and Tony Stark witnessing what seems to be another invasion on New York. Shortly we get the confirmation of Spider-Man’s ‘Spidey Sense’ which was something fans were left confused about given its lack of presence in Spider-Man Homecoming. Along with that we also get to see Spider-Man dawn the new Iron Spider suit that was heavily teased at the end of Homecoming.

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 19.51.42.png
Spider-Man with his new Iron Spider suit that looks similar to the one from the Civil War comics.

What seems to be a given is the death of Vision’s character and he features a lot in this trailer too. First we see him in his human form I guess? Also we see him and Wanda getting pretty close which actually comes to no surprise to me as they were actually in a relationship in the comics. By the end of the trailer we see the Infinity stone from his forehead being extracted not by Thanos himself but by someone from the ‘Children of Thanos’ which is interesting.

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 19.52.33.png
Vision getting the Infinity Stone extracted from his head not by Thanos but by someone from the ‘Children of Thanos’

Judging from the trailer it does look like a lot of this film will be based in Wakanda. This  leads to me think the fight scenes we see there are them defending the soul stone (which we haven’t seen yet) from the outriders. Wakanda will also play an important role in this film because thats where Captain America is located after the fallout of Civil War and of course the importance of vibranium which will help provide Cap with his new shield and repair Bucky’s arm. Having said that if you look closely at the end shot of everyone in Wakanda running Cap no longer has a shield instead he seems to have gauntlets that look to be made of vibranium. The very end of the trailer teases us with the meet up of the Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor which was prominently featured in the leaked trailer. This is what I’m most exited about seeing characters interact that we haven’t seen yet or even thought would ever be on the same screen together. But it doesn’t seem like they will have enough time to get along and introduce themselves to each other as Thanos is set to put an end to the universe as we know it.

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 19.58.40.png
The biggest threat to The Avengers yet who look like they will have their work cut out for them potentially losing members in the process.

Last but not least Thanos the main reason for all of chaos and a character that has the potential to be one of the greatest comic book movie villains ever. From this trailer it does look like the long wait for his arrival will pay off. He looks amazing for being a full CGI character, my one nitpick would be that he looked a lot better with his helmet. Other than that Thanos looks to be biggest threat of the MCU so far. This is someone who will show no mercy whether he’s punching Iron Man in the face or throwing Spider-Man around. It will be interesting to see what happens when he eventually runs into his daughters Gamora and Nebula. What I loved the most about Thanos from this trailer was his great dialogue. This is mainly due to Josh Brolin’s delivery of his lines who already looks to be the perfect choice to play this iconic villain.

Overall this was the perfect trailer to drop right now, it almost felt like a teaser trailer. Now what I mean by perfect trailer is that it gave you everything you needed to know about Infinity War without showing you too much footage. Thanos is finally here and he’s going to collect all the infinity stones and that’s all you need to know. How he goes about getting them and who he kills in the process hopefully we won’t know until we sit in the cinema on May 4th.

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