Geoff Johns To Write/Produce Green Lantern Corps Movie

The Green Lantern Corps movie could be one of the most important movies of the DC universe. If done right they could really strike lightning in a bottle which will blow the cinematic universe wide open. There are endless possibilities in how to approach this character and the universe that comes long with it. Luckily it won’t be up to me that’s now the job of Geoff Johns. Today it was reported by¬†The Hollywood Reporter that Johns would step down from his role as executive at DC Comics into a new one. Geoff Johns has signed a writer-producer deal with the studio letting him have influence over the movies in the DC universe. Johns has already contributed to Aquaman, Shazam and both Wonder Woman movies. Now we have to add the highly anticipated Green Lantern Corps movie to that list. Geoff Johns is set to both write and produce the movie. This is a field in which he has a lot of experience in, comic book fans like myself and around the world love his runs on Green Lantern. They can only hope that he brings some of what he done on the page to the big screen.

Johns also launched his own production company which is called ‘Mad Ghost Productions’. The site is already up and it details his current and previous projects. It already has the basic description for the Green Lantern Corps movie and it states:

Once of DC Comics’ greatest Super Hero universes, the film will feature Hal Jordan and John Stewart…

As of now both Hal and John are confirmed for the film which is great news. But the beauty with the Green Lantern Corps movie is that they don’t have to focus on one or two members, there are hundreds to choose from. And I believe Johns is the right person be in charge of this project. I’ve seen people bring up his involvement with the previous Green Lantern movie and yes that film was a mess. However there were a lot of things that went wrong with that movie other than Johns’ ‘co-producer’ role. Clearly you can see Johns is currently and will play a crucial role in the future of the DC cinematic universe.

As a DC fan I’m happy with this news and wish him the best of luck!

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