Official: Disney and Fox Deal Completed

The deal taking Fox to Disney has been in the works for the past couple of years. And today the deal has finally been made official. We all knew it was going to happen, but with a deal that is worth up to $73.1 billion it was never going to happen overnight. Now, this deal has major implications across the entertainment world. But with my platform of course, the most important part of the deal is now Disney will gain control of Fox’s comic book properties such as Deadpool and the X-Men. Before I go any further please don’t mistake me for being happy that thousands of people are set to lose their jobs. Fox wanted to sell and this is one of the consequences of it.

The main thing to take away from this deal from a comic book fans’ perspective is the Fantastic Four and X-Men are ‘coming home’. Deadpool included under the umbrella of the X-Men of course. But what does this mean for the MCU?

The future of the MCU

The future of the MCU is about to get a whole lot more exciting with the addition of these characters. The possibilities are endless. Not only are we getting the Fantastic Four and X-Men we’re also getting the characters who are apart of their universes such as Dr. Doom, Silver Surfer and Galactus. It feels like this deal came at the perfect time with MCU’s phase 3 winding down after Avengers: Endgame. Of course we won’t see the X-Men or Fantastic Four show up at the end of Avengers: Endgame. The films that are currently on Marvels slate after Endgame are Spider-Man: Far From Home, Black Widow and The Eternals. However, Kevin Feige did mention that they are going to be announcing all of the films for their upcoming phase 4 later this year. Will the X-Men and Fantastic Four be apart of that? You would have to think so right. They’ve known about this deal for so long I would be shocked if they haven’t been planning ahead for it. My only question is are the X-Men and Fantastic Four going to slot right in? Are they going to get their own movies first? Because according to reports they’re set to recast everyone from the Fox movies except for Ryan Reynolds.

Right now, as the deal has time to sink in for fans we won’t see its impact for a couple of years to come. But as it stands X-Men: Dark Phoenix and New Mutants will be the last X-Men movies under the Fox banner. And I’ve got to say it’s kind of a bittersweet moment for me. I for the most part liked the X-Men movies under Fox. But I cannot lie I’m hyped to see the X-Men and Fantastic Four exist within the same universe as the Avengers.

Let me know your thoughts on the deal

Disney buys 21st Century Fox Assets in $52.4 billion deal

Last week rumours were reignited about Disney potentially buying key assets from 21st Century Fox in what would be a historic deal. Now these rumours were nothing new to us comic book fans as we have been hearing about a potential deal between the two companies for years but last week it seemed obvious that some type of deal had been struck between the two companies. One week later and the deal is finally confirmed, Disney has acquired 21st Century Fox in a monumental deal worth $52.4 billion. This means that the Fantastic Four and X-men are finally going back to Marvel… This is crazy! We will actually see them in the MCU interacting with the other Marvel characters.

Now there is a lot to this deal but here is a break down of what the deal means for us as comic book fans:

  • Fox will get Disney’s branding power behind some of its biggest entertainment properties, most notably Marvel’s X-Men and Fantastic Four character rosters.
  • Disney gets to complete its two major geek culture franchises, by adding the X-Men and Fantastic Four properties to its Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as gaining possession of the original theatrical versions of Star Wars, before the digitally remastered versions of were put out by George Lucas.
  • Disney will also gain a much larger library of titles and wider distribution network, thereby strengthening the company’s position as it moves to launch a streaming service to complete with Netflix in 2019.


Personally it will take a long time for this deal to sink in with me, honestly I’m both worried and excited at the same time if that makes sense. The Fantastic Four will definitely benefit from this deal. In my opinion the Fantastic Four going back to Marvel was always going to be main way for this franchise to survive. On the other hand you have the X-Men who in my opinion have been doing fine at Fox (apart from X-Men: Apocalypse). Some of my recent favourite comic book films have come from Fox such as Deadpool, Logan, Days of Future Past and First Class. I just worry that under Disney now will we be allowed to have these types of storylines and mature content with this new audience? A major part of me doesn’t like this deal from the business side because I’m just against companies building monopolies and buying out competition. As a comic book fan I believe this deal could hurt the quality of content in the future I mean who are Marvel really competition with now considering Justice League’s box office performance? I just think good competition drives quality content. Personally I was hoping for the type of deal Sony struck with Marvel over Spider-man which is more of a partnership but this is totally different.

Either way the comic book fan in me can’t help but be excited about the endless possibilities that this deal could bring regardless. I mean the X-Men in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is something fans have been waiting for years. Maybe this deal came too late could you imagine if this deal was struck earlier and we had the X-Men and Fantastic Four in films such as Captain America: Civil war and the upcoming Infinity War film? I guess its better late than never right. Now we will be able to see our favourite comic book storylines play out on the big screen with all the characters available at the studio’s disposal.

Let me know what you think of this deal below?

Are you excited to finally see the X-Men and Fantastic Four in the MCU?

Report: Disney and Fox deal to be announced soon

A couple of months ago it was first reported that Disney and 21st Century Fox were in talks for the rights of properties such as the X-Men and Fantastic Four. Since then the rumours seemed to have died down until today. CNBC is now reporting that talks between the two companies are back on and it looks like a deal could be ‘announced as early as next week’. With the deal worth a reportedly $60 billion one has to think that talks have been going on for sometime now. If the deal was to go through it would mean that the television and movie assets from 21st Century Fox will move to Disney. Here at ‘Comic Book Talk’ we are obviously going to be focusing on the comic book side of this deal. What does this mean for the X-Men? Fantastic Four? New Mutants? and shows such as the Gifted?

Surely this will mean we will see the likes of the X-Men and Fantastic Four in the MCU and one day in a Avengers film. As for the TV side of the assets I do hope that shows such as the Gifted are left untouched and kept separate. In my opinion while it would be amazing to finally see the Fantastic Four and X-Men alongside the Avengers what impact would this deal have on the business? Personally I just worry about the building of monopolies and buying up competition in general when it comes to any industry. Will this deal kill competition in the comic book genre and most importantly impact the creativity of these potential projects?

One major worry comic book fans seem to have with this pending deal is how will the mature storylines and characters of the X-Men/Deadpool be impacted? While Marvel has shown with their Netflix series they are capable of producing this type of content with shows such as The Punisher and DareDevil. With my recent favourite comic book films being Days of Future’s Past, Logan, First Class and Deadpool its hard for me to these type of films under the Disney umbrella. One part of me feels that the X-Men franchise doesn’t need this deal. On the other hand the Fantastic Four franchise definitely needs Marvel right now.

Last week I remember the Russo brothers talking about how the 4th Avengers film will be the end of the cinematic universe as we know it. Also you had Kevin Feige claiming they already know the next 30 films they are going to make. I cannot help but think that this pending deal definitely has something to do with their upcoming schedule because of how calculated they are at Marvel. I wont be surprised if we see the X-Men and Fantastic Four share the big screen with the Avengers and potentially with their own rebooted series during Phase four of the MCU which is set to date from 2019-2028.

Let me know what you think of the possibility of this deal below?

Will this kill the comic book movie industry or make it better?



Should the X-Men and Fantastic Four go to Marvel?

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