Report: Disney and Fox deal to be announced soon

A couple of months ago it was first reported that Disney and 21st Century Fox were in talks for the rights of properties such as the X-Men and Fantastic Four. Since then the rumours seemed to have died down until today. CNBC is now reporting that talks between the two companies are back on and it looks like a deal could be ‘announced as early as next week’. With the deal worth a reportedly $60 billion one has to think that talks have been going on for sometime now. If the deal was to go through it would mean that the television and movie assets from 21st Century Fox will move to Disney. Here at ‘Comic Book Talk’ we are obviously going to be focusing on the comic book side of this deal. What does this mean for the X-Men? Fantastic Four? New Mutants? and shows such as the Gifted?

Surely this will mean we will see the likes of the X-Men and Fantastic Four in the MCU and one day in a Avengers film. As for the TV side of the assets I do hope that shows such as the Gifted are left untouched and kept separate. In my opinion while it would be amazing to finally see the Fantastic Four and X-Men alongside the Avengers what impact would this deal have on the business? Personally I just worry about the building of monopolies and buying up competition in general when it comes to any industry. Will this deal kill competition in the comic book genre and most importantly impact the creativity of these potential projects?

One major worry comic book fans seem to have with this pending deal is how will the mature storylines and characters of the X-Men/Deadpool be impacted? While Marvel has shown with their Netflix series they are capable of producing this type of content with shows such as The Punisher and DareDevil. With my recent favourite comic book films being Days of Future’s Past, Logan, First Class and Deadpool its hard for me to these type of films under the Disney umbrella. One part of me feels that the X-Men franchise doesn’t need this deal. On the other hand the Fantastic Four franchise definitely needs Marvel right now.

Last week I remember the Russo brothers talking about how the 4th Avengers film will be the end of the cinematic universe as we know it. Also you had Kevin Feige claiming they already know the next 30 films they are going to make. I cannot help but think that this pending deal definitely has something to do with their upcoming schedule because of how calculated they are at Marvel. I wont be surprised if we see the X-Men and Fantastic Four share the big screen with the Avengers and potentially with their own rebooted series during Phase four of the MCU which is set to date from 2019-2028.

Let me know what you think of the possibility of this deal below?

Will this kill the comic book movie industry or make it better?