Road to Avengers Infinity War: Iron Man (2008) Review

Between now and the release of Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War in May I will be attempting to review the majority of the MCU films that will lead up to this land mark film. I originally planned to review every single MCU however I don’t have enough time to as I am currently in my third year of university which unfortunately occupies a lot of my spare time right now. So I decided I would review the major films of the MCU not necessarily each one. But I felt like it was only right to begin with the film that started it all. Iron Man released way back in 2008, who knew how important this film would be and where it would lead us to today. Part of me actually wanted to review this film for personal reasons, honestly I’m not really the biggest fan of Iron Man as a character. I’m more of a Captain America guy. Prior to watching this film last night I believe I’ve only watched this film like twice. Every time I see Iron Man in someone’s top 5 list I say in my head “Was that film really that good?” Not that I thought it was bad it’s just that I didn’t really remember anything from it. Well it’s safe to say after watching it last night for the first time in years I totally understand why people hold this film in such high regard, It’s so great!


What makes this film so great? Robert Downey Jr! Having watched all of his MCU performances I believe this one is his best, he makes it look so easy. You believe that he’s actually tony stark in real life. It’s funny to see how the character of Tony Stark hasn’t changed at all since this film. He’s still that snarky, self-confident, arrogant billionaire that we see in the recent MCU movies. Robert Downey Jr. does a great job at portraying the Tony who care about nothing but himself, to the more emotional Tony as we see after he escapes from the cave and he realises that he was saved for a reason. He sees what his weapons are doing in the Middle East in the hands of the wrong people and chooses to shut down his Stark manufacturing programme and hunt these people down. I also really like Tony’s relationship with Pepper Potts in this film which also brings the emotional side out of Tony, she almost acts like an anchor that constantly pulls Tony back to reality.

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As for the story of this film I really found it compelling and a strong aspect of the film. Given the time of its release the issues brought up in this film were very relevant at the time and even today with the subject of war and terrorism. Although Tony is seen as a  hero to many with his manufacturing of war weapons he is also seen as a war criminal. What happens when the weapons you built get into the hands of the enemy and is used to kill innocents and your own people? This movie tackles this issue brilliantly. The scenes set in the cave after the explosion which lodges shrapnel into Tony’s chest are some of my favourite scenes. You get to see how much of a genius tony really is in creating this early suit who is stripped down to nothing. The creation of the first suit provides for some great action scenes that are spread throughout the movie, for example with the breakout from the cave. Let me just say for a film that was released 10 years ago these visual effects hold up really well they’re great!

Now I’m not going to go into every single detail of the film but I would like to share my favourite scenes with you guys. The first being when Tony takes the Mark II suit on it’s first flight test, I love this scene! It looked, sounded and was acted out perfectly. This flight scene almost encapsulates what Tony is all about. In his first flight he straightaway wants to push the suit to the limit by going above 85,000 feet. You get to see the joy an relief on his face when he is able to save himself from the suit freezing over. Again this scene is accompanied by great visual effects. The second scene that stood out to me is where he introduces himself to the military by accident… well kind of. I love how Tony is just having an on going conversation with James Rhodes while his life is in danger. It just shows the strength of Robert Downey Jr. as an actor being someone that can pull this off and making it seem believable.

As for the main villain Obadiah well… he was average at best, you saw it coming a mile off that he was going to betray Tony and he was behind it all. I mean he wasn’t terrible but there’s a reason why people don’t mention him at all when it comes to the best comic book villains ever. What he did provide for was another favourite scene of mine which is where Obadiah extracts the arc reactor from Tony’s chest, it was just brutal to watch. That one scene kind of encapsulates what I love most about this film in how they dealt with the tone. There was a good mix of both light and dark moments which I feel has been a real struggle for recent MCU films.

Overall I really enjoyed revisiting this movie and I have to admit I didn’t realise how great this movie really is. This may have sneaked into my top 5 comic book films ever. I think I’m turning into a huge Iron Man fan now, I can’t wait to re-watch the sequels which from what I remember aren’t the best but Robert Downey Jr has me exited to revisit them.

Let me know what you think of Iron Man? Does it rank high amongst your top comic book films?


New set photos from Avengers 4 raises more questions

——————————————-WARNING POTENTIAL SPOILERS————————————–

Yesterday more set photos leaked from the production of Avengers 4 (untitled) (Via. JustJared) which is currently being filmed in Atlanta. Now with Avengers Infinity War coming out later this year these set photos may have revealed a huge spoiler for the upcoming film. With set photos that leaked earlier last year it was rumoured that there would be some type of time travel involved in Avengers 4. Now that is confirmed as we can see from the set photos below especially with Captain America who is wearing his suit from Avengers Assemble (2012). Chris Evans in the set photos is joined by Mark Ruffalo (Hulk), Robert Downey Jr. (Tony Stark) and Paul Rudd (Ant-Man). What has me interested is if they’re going back in time how does Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man fit into this as he wasn’t present at all in the previous films?

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As for the end of Avengers Infinity War this further creates questions for me. Does everyone die in the end? Will Doctor Strange have to reverse time to the first Avengers film for some reason? How do the likes of Ant-Man and Captain Marvel fit into this?

Avengers: Infinity War is set to in May this year while Avengers 4 is set to be released exactly one year later in 2019

Let me know your thoughts down below and fell free to check out the set photos too.

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5 characters who could die in Avengers Infinity War

Thanos is set to wreak havoc upon the Avengers when their worlds finally collide in next summer’s blockbuster Avenger’s Infinity War part one. Every Marvel film from the first Avengers to Civil war felt like at the time the biggest film ever but Marvel have outdone themselves again with Infinity War being their biggest film ever. Now if there’s one criticism that I have of Marvel films its they don’t take enough risks. I’m not sure if it has any connection with the Disney deal but Marvel have become quite predictable whereas DC killed Superman I want to see Marvel try the same with one of their beloved characters. I feel that to solidify the threat of Thanos he will have to leave an impact on the Marvel cinematic universe that would be felt forever. If anyone is to die in Avengers Infinity War I believe one of these 5 characters could see their last outing.



Hawkeye is a character where it makes a lot of sense that this could be the last time we see his as an Avenger. When it comes to Hawkeye many feel that that we have gotten the most out of the character as possible and what else is left for him. Will we ever see a solo Hawkeye movie come to screen? in my opinion it’s very unlikely. It looked inevitable that Hawkeye was set to depart the Avengers one way or the other in Age of Ultron. We spent a good amount of the film with Hawkeye and his family as he was considering leaving the team to spend more time with his family. The only reason why Hawkeye seems to still be around the Avengers is because his life was saved by QuickSilver and he owes it to the rest of the team to stick around. If it was not for that heartfelt moment, I think Hawkeye would have hung up his crossbow and arrows to spend time with his family on his farm.



Thor dying would definitely shake up the Marvel Universe and would certainly show Thanos as a genuine threat by taking out the God of Thunder. Now the future of Thor does depend on the events during Thor 3 Ragnarok which will be released this November before infinity war, so we will get a clearer picture then. Thor Ragnarok is crucial for the character’s future as we get answers for questions such as will there be a fourth Thor film or could that be it for him? Another reason why the death of Thor could be a possibility is that his presence was not missed in Civil War to be honest but that may just be a personal view. This does show that there can be Avengers films without Thor. Most importantly when it comes to the topic of Thor dying fans would want to know the impact his death would have on fan favourite Loki We’ll have to wait and see.

Captain America


The death of Captain America would certainly draw a few tears in the theatres around the world especially from me if it were to happened. Chris Evans cannot play the role of Captain America forever and it’s unknown about his contract situation with Marvel or how long he even wants to continue playing this role for. Some may ask “well what about Iron man, why can’t he die?” I too was asking the same about Iron-Man’s future in this franchise yet seeing Iron man’s role in Spider-man homecoming shows that his character still has a crucial role to play upcoming Marvel films. One storyline from the comic books is that Captain America’s partner The Falcon eventually becomes the Captain of America. Marvel to their credit has done a great job at pushing diversity for their star roles so maybe Captain America will be in Infinity war two, just not the Chris Evan’s version.



The death of Vision is a no brainer and should be featured on any similar list. Vision’s death seems most likely for the simple fact that he is made of an infinity stone. To complete the infinity gauntlet all the gems are required, this means Thanos would certainly need to take the infinity gem from Vision which would indeed kill him. If not kill him then could vision could potentially become a threat to the Avengers as he could be controlled by Thanos through his Infinity Gem. Given that this death does seem so obvious amongst comic book fans it could be possible that the writer’s find a way around it and throw us a swerve leaving him to survive you never know.



Yes EVERYONE just imagine that, leaving the theatres with the whole avengers gone and not knowing what will happen for part two. Ok I understand that this is most unlikely theory to occur of all my predictions and would be a huge risk for the film writers to take. My personal take would be that what if most of the avengers die (like we saw in Tony Stark’s vision in Age of Ultron) and its up to the likes of Doctor Strange arguably the most crucial member to save the universe as he did in his standalone film by turning back time.

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