My thoughts on the Justice League promotion so far and the upcoming trailer

In case you’ve been living under a rock the promotion for Warner Bros. upcoming Justice League movie has been well underway. Just in these last couple of weeks we have been graced with some amazing stills and posters from the movie as well as the reports Danny Elfman’s new theme for Superman. This weekend the promotion for Justice League is set to kick into high gear at New York Comic Con (as you can see from the image below) with the final trailer that is expected to drop. I have to say that so far Warner Bros. has done an amazing job at building hype for this November’s blockbuster. As a huge superman fan I’m so happy I haven’t even seen any shot of him at all in the promotional material. I don’t want to see Superman at all until I’m in the theatres this November. Just based off this alone it seems that the executives have learned from the mistakes that were made with the Batman v Superman second trailer.

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 13.56.37 1.png
This is the current set up for the Justice League panel at New York Comic Con

What I hope to see from the final trailer?

As for what I want from the final trailer I’m not sure really. I feel like the last trailer we got was good enough, I mean we got over five minutes of footage but thankfully it wasn’t based on the story too much. This trailer I feel has to be shorter than the last and should focus on characters that we haven’t seen much of yet such as the main villain Steppenwolf. The average comic book fan may not know too much about Steppenwolf and why he’s such a threat to the league. However if they don’t want to reveal too much about the main villain (which is understandable). I’d like to see more footage on the likes of The Flash and Cyborg who I feel need it most compared to the other members of the Justice League. Personally what I am looking forward to most from the upcoming trailer is if we catch a glimpse of Danny Elfman’s take on the Justice League score. Either way you can expect me to be glued to my laptop all day on Sunday in hopes for the trailer to drop as well my initial impressions which you will find here.

(One last note, Please don’t show Superman!!)


Let me know your thoughts down below

What do you think of the promotion for the movie so far?

Also what are you hoping to see from the upcoming trailer?